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Sep 29, 2016 paths - ifconfig : Command 'ifconfig' is available in ifconfig gives me an output like. Command 'ifconfig' is available in '/sbin/ifconfig' The command could not be located because '/sbin' is not included in the PATH environment variable. This is most likely caused by the lack of administrative privileges associated with your user account. ifconfig: command not found linux - How to set the Default gateway - Unix & Linux ifconfig is not the correct command to do that.. You can use route like in route add default gw for example.. And if route is not present, but ip is, you can use it like this: ip route add default via dev eth0, assuming that is the ip of your gateway How to use the ip command in favor of the deprecated ifconfig

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Wireless cards should still be listed in ifconfig, as they are network interfaces. – njsg Feb 8 '15 at 9:18 As far as I remember some time a go it do not show – Romeo Ninov Feb 8 '15 at 9:36 What card is it lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net – Jeremy31 Feb 8 '15 at 12:37

Provides useful network related information. - Shows you your public IP address on WiFi or 3G - Shows you your local IP address on WiFi or 3G - Subnet Mask - Gateway - DNS Servers in use - DHCP Server on the network and lease duration - Wireless signal strength - Current link speed to access point - RSSI and Link speed will automatically refresh