For all path-related questions, the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard is the definitive reference.. If the program needs to create a folder, then /usr/local is the directory of choice; according to the FHS: . The /usr/local hierarchy is for use by the system administrator when installing software locally.. Avoid placing your local binaries directly under /usr, because according to the FHS

60+ Best Linux Software Applications for All Distros [Most We have picked some good number of best Linux programs that will support Popular Linux Distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Open SUSE, Fedora and More. My favorite in the Linux Operating system list is Linux Mint which offers user-friendly Interface. Best Linux Software: Our Editorial List of Essential Linux This article is a compilation content of all other top best list content which already published in this site. Thus it’s going to help you to get all the Best Linux apps in one place based on various categories. As UbuntuPIT mostly deals with Ubuntu Linux, so I will focus on the installation process for best Ubuntu apps. 50 Essential Linux Applications - LinuxAndUbuntu Dec 07, 2019 The Best Linux Software and Apps - MakeUseOf

May 12, 2020

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Best and Useful Ubuntu Software 1. Java. Java is widely used in the Ubuntu platform, which is used to run many applications. Run the following command 2. Dropbox. You can install a Dropbox cloud client from the Ubuntu repositories. So run the following command from the 3. Google Drive. Ubuntu 22 Best Ubuntu Apps [2020] You Must Have in Your PC - TechOwns Apr 29, 2020