Site server --> Distribution point: RPC endpoint mapper using UDP and TCP port 135. Site server --> Distribution point: RPC dynamic TCP ports. Use IPsec to help secure the traffic between the site server and site systems. If you must restrict the dynamic ports that are used with RPC, you can use the Microsoft RPC configuration tool (rpccfg.exe).

Feb 11, 2010 windows server 2008 - Port 135 / epmap - Server Fault TCP Port 135 - RPC Terminal Services Session Directory So when you connect via 3389 - the server wants to see how your TS is licensed, etc so it uses TCP/135 to … Improve Windows Security By Closing Open Ports - gHacks Apr 06, 2010

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[Solved] Ports 135, 139, and 445 are closed not stealthed Jul 30, 2013

Although applications may be "DCOM enabled" or "DCOM aware", very few, if any, are actually dependent upon the presence of its services. Consequently, it is usually possible (and generally desirable if you're comfortable doing such things) to shut down DCOM and close port 135 without any ill effects.

TCP 135 - Port Protocol Information and Warning! The Best Line of Defense. Port 135 is used in a manner that is similar to Sun’s UNIX use of port 111. The SCM server running on the user’s computer opens port 135 and listens for incoming requests from clients wishing to locate the ports where DCOM services can be found on that machine. windows server 2008 - Block port 135, 445 with file share Blocking ports 135 and 445 has the effect of disabling SMB file-sharing on your Windows Server. If your boss is asking you to do this to "fix" the threat posed by WannaCry, then you should make your boss aware that this is the equivalent of deleting your e-mail address in order to avoid getting spam messages.. Suppose you don't need file sharing enabled. macos - How do I close an open port from the terminal on However you opened the port, you close it in the same way. For example, if you created a socket, bound it to port, and called listen, close that same socket. You can also just kill the process that has the port open. If you want to find out what process has a port open, try this: lsof -i :5955 Port 135 (for example) not open on server - Windows Server