Sep 02, 2019

Manual:Configuration Management - MikroTik Wiki The configuration backup can be used for backing up MikroTik RouterOS configuration to a binary file, which can be stored on the router or downloaded from it using FTP for future use. The configuration restore can be used for restoring the router's configuration, exactly as it was at the backup creation moment, from a backup file. MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Software Try RouterOS now by using our online demo routers. Connect via SSH or download our graphical … MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Software Upgrading RouterOS. If you are already running RouterOS, upgrading to the latest version can be done by clicking on "Check For Updates" in QuickSet or System > Packages menu in WebFig or WinBox.. See the documentation for more information about upgrading and release types.. To manage your router, use the web interface, or download the maintenance utilities.

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BillySoft Academy | Mikrotik Router Tutorials Mikrotik RouterOS Tutorials and Configuration Guides MikroTik is a Network equipment manufacturer based in Riga, Latvia founded in 1996 and produces wired and wireless network switches, wireless access systems, as well as network routers For Homes, …