Testing Tunnel: Mirror manufacturers need to have a dedicated "Test Tunnel". This will be a space set aside in the factory which is long enough to test mirrors and can be maintained at a very even temperature, while allowing easy access to the individual components of the system under test.

Internet Speed Test | Netrider Jun 15, 2009 Mirror List - CentOS CentOS welcomes new mirror sites. If you are considering setting up a public mirror site for CentOS, please follow the mirror guidelines to make sure that your mirror is consistent with the other mirror sites. If you’re searching for mirrors providing AltArch content (like … Internode hooks up its first customer to NBN SA site Internet service provider Internode has got in on the ground floor with the National Broadband Network (NBN) test site in Willunga, Adelaide, signing up its first customer, PCRange chief executive Broadband Internet Speed Test - ADSL, Naked DSL & NBN speed

Speed test for Xtra connection

3) After each download and upload test, modem/router and router (Dlink) turned OFF 4) Download = Internode Mirror - eclipse-3.0.2-8.src.rpm - 94.5 MB (FlashGet 1.71 - 7 splits) 5) Upload = my Internode Personal webspace - QuickTime7 14.5Mbs file (FlashFXP) Finding 1) Modem Line Sync connection speed appears to have no direct influence on Speed Tests - Whirlpool.net.au Go back up to the top of the panel, to the horizontal slider, and crank it across to your approximate sync' speed, e.g. 18Mbit. If your modem is connecting using PPPoE LLC encapsulation (quite likely, and won't really hurt to do this anyway), checkmark the MTU button for "PPPoE" which will set an MTU of 1492 (down from 1500 default). Internet Speed Test | Netrider

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Feb 29, 2012 · I am testing using the Internode download file; and can download the Internode 1000meg.test (1000000000 their number) test file in 15min and a reported speed of 1.04 MB/s. At other times it can be as long as 66min which yesterday at 16.41. I am cataloging the times and speed and there may be a higher instance of slow downloads after work hours. it all depends on what mirror you use to what results you get using the telstra adsl2,cable 9mb i get Mirror: Telstra Bigpond Data: 9 MB Test Time: 11.57 secs Apr 17, 2020 · Last Updated on: April 17, 2020 Ookla internet broadband Speed test is one of the most popular internet speed test websites. We have included a clean licensed version of the Ookla internet broadband Speed Tester below so that you can test your broadband speed now. Accounts and billing 1300 889 188 Mon to Fri: 7am-8pm Sat - Sun: 7am-7pm Internode is committed to repairing phone service faults or difficulties under the Customer Service Guarantee (CSG) Standard. This standard applies to eligible fixed-line telephone services, it specifies required time frames for fault repairs and service connections.